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Marie Liutkus

Booth n° : Village institutionnel

Tour mirabeau - 39-43 quai andré citroën

75739 Paris cedex 15


Tel : 01 40 58 37 15


Arcom is the regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital media, born from the merger of the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) and the Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur Internet (Hadopi). Arcom is the guarantor of the freedom of communication, and ensures that the audiovisual and digital media are pluralist and respectful of all.

Audiovisual authority

Public organisation


Jerome Keff

Booth n° : A08

51 rue Vivienne

75002 Paris


Tel : +33 1 40 72 78 90


We are the great music that you hear everywhere, but that you’ve never heard of. For us, it's all about finding that perfect track. And that's what you'll get. Every time. As hidden hit makers, we chart our success outside of the charts - working tirelessly to ensure our clients remain in the limelight. We listen, respond and surprise – never missing a beat.

Radio/Music promotion

Sound Library/Music illustration



Booth n° : R03

92-98 boulevard Victor HUGO

92110 Clichy La Garenne


Tel : 01-47-30-81-04


Broadcast-Associates provides "Consulting, Services and Integrations" in the Broadcast field. Real digital architect, we adapt to the needs of the client, advising him, offering him the project or the product that best meets his demand, without imposing a typical process or a particular brand. Each year, we offer, in all objectivity, a selection of Broadcast material: "The best products at the best rates". In the midst of media convergence, Broadcast-Associates assists Content Publishers in their technological choices, preparing their future with them.



Sound engineer


Service Provider

Importing company

Equipment Distributor

Online Service


Cross Media


Broadcast operator


Audio consulting

Mobile Telephony


Technical Support



Gilles Misslin

Booth n° : B02

14 rue du Canal

67201 Eckbolsheim


Tel : 01-45-33-30-00


" Broadcaster of multi-media signals on Internet, CreaCast creates and brings to editors of multi-media programms - Radio, video, industry, services, … - the turn-key solutions to transmit and broadcast a signal from a point towards one or multiple destinations, and to broadcast any multi-media signal on Internet."

Broadcast operator

PPM - Portable People Meter


Alexandre HOUGET

59 rue Meslay

75003 Paris


Tel :


Serving radios and the music market since 2006, HyperWorld has a large range of custom-made studies and surveys: #Hit Index (call out): to manage your playlist and hits like a pro and measure the value of song titles (familiarity, passion, rejection, burn, etc...). #Gold Index (online auditos): to test your catalogue for its golds and recurrents and take advantage of our exclusive web app for expertise, with a simple click. #Music Format Test (musical skeleton tests): making sure your music format is heading in the right direction and giving the right colour hue to your musical offer, the one that is the best adapted to your audience, by measuring the value it has for each musical genre. #Perceptual (content perception): to optimise your grid or programme and better understand its strengths and weaknesses as compared with your rivals. #Moment 2 Moment (audio or video content): to optimise your content with second to second adhesion or reject reactions for your high rotations talk shows (games, flashes, radio hosts, on-air graphics, in-house promotions, show hooks). #HyperTop France and HyperTop España (multiple subscription studies): for a monthly access to the songs that are broadcast the most on the radio in each region according to Yacast. Since 2012 in France and 2016 in Spain, with this offer you have complete results on hundreds of song titles and dozens of targets, with the Hit Index web app, for only a monthly fee of 100 euros excluding taxes in 2020. HyperWorld, a media partner with extensive experience with leading radio players, guarantees that your studies will be delivered on time and that they’ll be (hyper) reliable for each target, thanks to our representative samples: • Neutral questionnaires so that respondents won’t be influenced. • A respondent recruitment source mix. • Systematic elimination of nonreliable respondents.

Musical/Market/Audience Research


Guy Detrousselle

70, rue Rivay

92532 Levallois-Perret cedex


Tel : 01-47-58-97-58


The French industry leader in media research, Médiamétrie observes, measures and analyses audience behaviour and market trends. Médiamétrie is expanding its activities in television, radio, the Internet (computer, smartphone, tablet), cinema, mobile phones, tablets and the cross-media sector in France and abroad. Médiamétrie offers many services to obtain a better picture and to better understand radio consumption, regardless of how people listen to it. 126,000 Radio is the radio market audience reference in France. Who listens to what, when and for how long, no matter the location or media, or even the way in which they listen? It is both an advertising and editorial management tool to refine the schedule. At the heart of 126,000 Radio, the Global Radio focus analyses developments in listener behaviour and explores new ways of listening to the radio (digital media and time-shifted listening). In addition to 126,000 Radio, the Radio Panel analyses the population's behaviour and listening habits for three weeks in a row. Audience duplication between stations can also be measured, as can the accumulation of internal audiences for a station or a programme over several days... The Médialocales study is the audience measure for local radio stations. In more than 97 urban areas, 72 French departments and 20 INSEE regions, the Médialocales reference study provides information on the audience, profile, competitive environment and the reputation of stations listened to by listeners aged 13 and over. The Community Audience is the audience service specifically tailored to category A stations, known as associative stations. As a result, the listening habits and profile of their listeners can be quantified.

Musical/Market/Audience Research


Michel Colin

Booth n° : 60

42 avenue Ravanel le Rouge

74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


Tel : +33676150405


Since 2003, Mediatic Conseils has been the only training organization for radio commercials wishing to develop all forms of advertising revenues, traditional & digital. All our sales training courses are available by distance learning or in person. "The Briefing" is a weekly continuous remote support followed by more than 200 radio sales representatives from several countries. Mediatic Conseils is an AFDAS-eligible training organization, accredited by Data Dock. With already 40 years of radio experience in 25 countries and T. O. M. , thousands of sales people have been trained in a commercial approach based on expertise, efficiency and commercial creativity. Michel Colin is the editor of the blog of the radio advertising pros: www. radiopub. fr. . , co-organizer of the Grands Prix de la Pub Radio and author of the book "500 Questions pour vendre mieux et plus de pub radio" (Editions HF).


Cross Media

Audio consulting

Radio training


Peter Blampied

Roberts House, Hanworth Lane

KT16 9JX Chertsey, Surrey

Grande Bretagne

Tel : +44 (0)1932 509623


Roberts Radio is the best-selling radio brand in the British market. Since 1932, Roberts has been manufacturing award-winning fashionable products with excellent sound and high quality construction. The Queen and Prince of Wales Radio allows you to reach these exclusive customers by choosing a Roberts Radio. The range of models may look vintage on the outside, but on the inside, they are the latest technologies, all equipped with FM and DAB+ radio (digital radio) and many with features such as Bluetooth, USB playback, Internet radio with WiFi, Deezer streaming and Spotify. Worshipped by listeners, Roberts makes radios that are smarter than most. https://www.robertsradio.com/fr


Digital radio receiver manufacturer



Booth n° : Partenaire

225, avenue Charles de Gaulle

92528 Neuilly-sur-seine cedex


Tel : 01-47-15-47-15


Music accompanies our lives and, for 169 years, Sacem has accompanied those who create it. 176,150 authors, composers and publishers have chosen it to manage their copyrights. As the voice of creators and a trusted partner of music broadcasters, Sacem acts to promote all types of music, in all their diversity. As a not-for-profit company, Sacem contributes to the vitality and influence of creation in all territories, through daily support for cultural and artistic projects. Together, let's make music come alive!

Collecting and distribution society

Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces


Kevin Moignoux

Booth n° : Village Institutionnel

14 rue de Lubeck

75116 Paris


Tel : 01-45-43-80-05


The SIRTI, Syndicat des Radios Indépendantes, founded in 1981, brings together more than 170 independent, local, regional, generalist and thematic radio stations throughout France. The independent radio stations reach more than 8 million listeners every day, and broadcast their programmes on more than 1,000 FM and DAB+ frequencies in the 96 departments of the 13 regions of mainland France and in 3 overseas departments. Through the diversity of their formats, their local, departmental, regional or thematic approach, independent radio stations are essential players in the economic and cultural development of the territories and in the expression of citizens. SIRTI is the leading employer in private radio, which is financed exclusively by advertising, with 2,500 employees, including 500 journalists. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Professional organisation



Booth n° : 29

375, Avenue du Mistral

13 600 La Ciotat


Tel : 04-94-102-101


Win-Group Software is an automation company that build a « suite » that permits to coverage the needs of the radio Broadcasters : - WinMam : NewsRoom System (NRCS) and library web access - WinSales : Booking, and invoicing (CRM) - WinMedia : Production, Music Scheduling, traffic Ads, On-Air, Logger, Podcast, - WinWeb :(CMS) Multi-platform delivery to Web, social networks, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and more. The new functions of this year is the WinCam, that permits to manage automatically the camera in the studios, and broadcast a video stream to the platform like Youtube or Facebook live The price of the solutions are adaptive with the options to any king of radio station from the community , Commercial to the national and public To help the access to our solutions we propose to way of business : buyout or subscription

Equipment Distributor

Automation / Software publisher


Technical Support

PPM - Portable People Meter


Liliana Romero

Booth n° : 08

20, avenue Neil Armstrong

33700 Mérignac


Tel : 05-57-92-89-28


WorldCast Systems is a solution provider for media and industrial infrastructures worldwide, with more than 60 years of experience in radio & TV broadcasting.
By bringing together the leading brands APT, Ecreso & Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers high-performance broadcast systems, including audio codecs, FM transmitters and RF monitoring equipment designed to meet the needs of the largest international broadcast networks as well as small private stations.
APT offers codecs for audio transport over IP, E1/T1, ISDN and dedicated lines. The proven SureStream technology enables the transport of high quality audio over cost-effective IP lines.
Ecreso offers high performance FM transmitters with advanced features and very high efficiency.
Audemat provides professional monitoring and measurement tools with a wide range of software solutions for the management, configuration and control of broadcast networks.
Kybio Media is a network management software solution that allows you to monitor broadcast networks regardless of their size
We do more than design and develop products: we work closely with our customers on turnkey projects to provide them with everything they need – advice, installation, integration, commissioning and training.
Our customers include major public and private broadcasters, telecom operators and regulatory bodies, as well as many small-scale broadcasters and radios that are equally important to us.


Digital radio transmitter manufact.


Jean-Marc Dubreuil

6th Floor 55 New Oxford Street

WC1A IBS London

Grande Bretagne

Tel : +44 (0) 20 7010 0742


WorldDAB is the global forum for digital radio, facilitating the adoption and implementation of digital broadcast radio based on DAB, DAB+. Its membership includes public and commercial broadcasters, network providers, receiver, chip and car manufacturers. WorldDAB’s membership is made up of senior executives and technical professionals from across the industry involved in the rollout of digital radio. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, WorldDAB has an operational office in London providing on-the-ground support to its global network of digital radio professionals. WorldDAB delivers tailored solutions and advice on all aspects of the switch from analogue to digital radio including regulation, licensing, technical trials, network build out, marketing and production of new digital radio content. Solutions are delivered through leading-edge industry events, car manufacturers’ workshops, tailored workshops and seminars and via the WorldDAB website and members-only information portal.

International organisation



Promotion or communication