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Eric Renard

Booth n° : K + Meet-up

12 rue Pierre Leroux

75007 Paris


Tel : 06-86-26-28-86


- For more than 10 years, 21 JUIN PROD, has been designing, directing, arranging and producing packages for the largest antennas !|||( RTL - FRANCE BLEU - CHERIE FM - RTL2 - BEL RTL - MFM - RIRE & CHANSONS - RADIO LATINA - TOP MUSIC - BEUR FM - MAGNUM LA RADIO ||- Jingles sung, generic, sound signatures and TV composition. ||- Our 3 studios are at the exclusive disposal of our creations. . . The expertise of the 21 June team, both in original creations and packages, as well as the musicality of the creations, are a guarantee of quality sought by our clients/partners. . . The smart, original packaging, jingles to your measure, in 2 words "Smart Imaging"

Audio production - Imaging


Etats Unis

Tel : +33


Promotion or communication

Marketing off and online service


Jérome Gahery

Booth n° : A12

43 rue du Commandant Rolland

93 350 Le Bourget


Tel : 01-41-60-04-30


Reference supplier for AOIP Production and Distribution Solutions - Telos Alliance Distributor - Omnia – Axia - Futuri

Automation / Software publisher

PPM - Portable People Meter


Sabrina Joucq

8 rue Fernand Delmas

19100 Brive-la-gaillarde


Tel :


La Lettre Pro de la Radio et des Médias deciphers all Radio professions: National, regional or local branch manager, music programming director, journalist, host, technician, consultant, advertising manager, communication manager for all categories of French-speaking radio. It also provides an update on the latest equipment, applications or developments in the radio industry, broadcast digital terrestrial radio or IP. Publication: every month.

B2B press




Booth n° : C

Ateliers Tropisme - Halle Tropisme

34070 Montpellier


Tel : 04-67-59-08-07


NETIA is an established software publisher committed to innovative, scalable solutions: easy to deploy, secure, evolve and master, at the service of thousands of radio professionals - journalists, producers and directors – producing cross-media content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We favour talking through your projects as partners, so NETIA’s solutions are effectively designed for and by the ever-evolving radio ecosystem. Since true partnership leads to excellence, and ultimately benefits listenership, we’re convinced that teaming great people with great tools makes great radio!


Cross Media


Automation / Software publisher

Podcast production studio / Label

Content management

Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces


Philippe Chapot

8 rue Fernand Delmas



Tel : +33 555180361


Podcast Magazine is the first magazine dedicated to podcasting. Launched by actors of the podcast and digital audio industry and written by podcasters, it is aimed at all audio, radio and podcast enthusiasts in all its forms. AudioBook, Native Podcasts, Replay of radio shows, Branded Podcasts... Testimonials, trends, techniques, tools, advice, meetings, rankings and favorites, Podcast Magazine will allow you to discover this emerging universe. You'll find pages on fashion, luxury, products for listening and the keys to start, improve or share tips from the pros if you are a podcaster.


Podcast - Press


Steve Newberry

Etats Unis

Tel : +33



Service Provider


Digital radio service provider

Graphic design

Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces


Lionel Guiffant

Booth n° : A

18 rue du château

92200 Neuilly sur Seine


Tel : +33 (0)1 87 107 107


RCS is the World’s Largest Broadcast Software Company with products in thousands of radio and TV stations, music channels, cable companies, ad agencies, satellite networks and streaming stations worldwide. With guaranteed reliability and 24/7 support the most respected names in the industry choose RCS as their software provider. RCS invented music scheduling on computers, opening its doors in 1979 with the very first version of the legendary Selector. This revolutionary product was designed for music radio stations wanting to have more control over their song rotations, while maintaining consistency and enhancing variety. Within the first year, Selector had its first station: an NBC-owned FM station in San Francisco. In the last decade, RCS has reinvented the way broadcasters approach their craft with the introduction of new and updated software services. A hallmark of RCS from the beginning was the strategy to base product improvements on feedback from its loyal customers and experienced power users. This tradition continues with our next generation of award-winning broadcast software. The most respected names in the broadcast industry choose RCS as their software partner, including world-famous names such as Z100, KISS-FM and also many of the largest and most successful radio groups around the world. Now there is a new generation of browser-based extensions to RCS software, designed for mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Alongside GSelector, Zetta and Aquira, our customers have access to the incredible “from-anywhere” flexibility of Selector2GO, Zetta2GO and Aquira2GO. With its mobile initiatives, RCS is putting the power of its cutting-edge software into the hands of every user, no matter where they may be. And for customers who want cloud-based solutions, RCS is already there. RCS provides the most advanced, reliable, intuitive and flexible broadcast tools on the planet. Because our clients are based worldwide, our tools are multilingual too. And, of course, our customers are backed up by the legendary RCS 24/7 world-class support.


Importing company

Automation / Software publisher


Fiorenza Mella

250 bis boulevard Saint-Germain

75007 Paris


Tel : +33


Red Tech is a business and technology publication created by multicultural professionals specially for the international radio broadcast and digital audio industries. We offer a news website that's updated daily We publish a bimonthly paper and digital magazine We send a weekly newsletter with all the latest news We provide information on the global radio and digital audio industries We reach the global radio and audio industries, including radio stations, manufacturers, resellers, sales houses, audio and music production companies

B2B press



Stéphane NAUDIN

Booth n° : 58

4, rue Ampère

22300 Lannion


Tel : 02-30-96-00-75


Saooti, a specialist in digital audio, supports the media, large companies, local authorities and education and provides 100% cloud-based, white-label live radio and podcasting solutions.

The Saooti solution maximises podcast and live audiences and provides advanced tools to extend the editorial field (native podcasts, transcription of written articles into audio, editorial partnerships, etc.). For the media, it also makes it easy to monetise production.

Producing, hosting, broadcasting and distributing to the global audio ecosystem and social networks, all functions to reach your audience in a cross channel logic.

Saooti's plus: its editorial team, made up of journalists and radio and podcast directors, can help you build your audio editorial line (consulting, training, delegated production, etc.).

Service Provider

Automation / Software publisher


Audio consulting

Broadcast operator/Streamer/Cloud

Podcast hosting

Podcast - Sales House/Monetization

Podcast - Marketing

Podcast - Outils


Liliana Romero

Booth n° : 08

20, avenue Neil Armstrong

33700 Mérignac


Tel : 05-57-92-89-28


WorldCast Systems is a solution provider for media and industrial infrastructures worldwide, with more than 60 years of experience in radio & TV broadcasting.
By bringing together the leading brands APT, Ecreso & Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers high-performance broadcast systems, including audio codecs, FM transmitters and RF monitoring equipment designed to meet the needs of the largest international broadcast networks as well as small private stations.
APT offers codecs for audio transport over IP, E1/T1, ISDN and dedicated lines. The proven SureStream technology enables the transport of high quality audio over cost-effective IP lines.
Ecreso offers high performance FM transmitters with advanced features and very high efficiency.
Audemat provides professional monitoring and measurement tools with a wide range of software solutions for the management, configuration and control of broadcast networks.
Kybio Media is a network management software solution that allows you to monitor broadcast networks regardless of their size
We do more than design and develop products: we work closely with our customers on turnkey projects to provide them with everything they need – advice, installation, integration, commissioning and training.
Our customers include major public and private broadcasters, telecom operators and regulatory bodies, as well as many small-scale broadcasters and radios that are equally important to us.


Digital radio transmitter manufact.


Joe D'angelo

Booth n° : RedTech Summit

6711 Columbia Gateway Dr | Suite 500

MD 21046 Columbia

Etats Unis

Tel : +1 443-539-4353


Xperi Corporation et ses marques, DTS, FotoNation, et All In Media, sont dédiées à la création de solutions innovantes technologiques qui rendent possibles des expériences extraordinaires pour le monde entier. Les solutions Xperi sont sous licences de centaines de partenaires leaders globaux et ont fabriqués des milliards de produits dans les secteurs comme l'audio de pointe, l'automobile, le broadcast, l'imagerie informatique, la vision informatique, l'informatique mobile, la mémoire, le stockage et les semiconducteurs. Pour plus d'informations, contactez le +1 408-321-6000 ou visitez www.xperi.com


Digital radio manufacturer