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Médiamétrie is committed to providing its customers with common and authoritative reference audience measurements.

A leader in data and an expert in the media, the company extends its expertise to the measurement of video, audio and cross-media behaviour and the measurement of advertising effectiveness.

Every day, nearly 1,000 employees develop and produce the right measurements for today and tomorrow to help the company's customers make informed decisions in France and abroad. In 2022, the Médiamétrie group generated sales of €104.2 million and processes more than a billion pieces of data every day.

Médiamétrie offers a wide range of services to improve our knowledge and understanding of radio consumption, whatever the location, medium or listening mode. Through the variety and complementarity of its services, Médiamétrie strives to meet the needs of national and regional radio stations and their groups and networks, as well as those of local and community radio stations, for editorial and advertising purposes.

By 2023, more than 8 out of 10 French people will be listening to at least one piece of audio content every day. The volume of live or podcast radio listening over the course of a day represents 58% of the total daily audio consumption of French people*.

* MÉDIAMÉTRIE: Global Audio 2023, daily listeners to at least one audio offering, online survey of 4,005 individuals, representative of the French population aged 15 to 80.

Musical/Market/Audience Research


Guy Detrousselle

Director of Commercial Development